Our Story

How it all started...

The idea for a second Lutheran congregation in Denison originated in 1965.  Members of the Voters Assembly of Zion Lutheran church voted on Oct. 27, 1966 to study future expansion of their church facilities. After con­siderable discussion of the alternatives available for expansion, the Zion Voters Assembly decided on Jan. 29, 1967 to participate in the forming of a daughter congregation.
On Oct. 19, 1967, the Zion Voters Assembly purchased 6.87 acres of land in College Heights on the east side of Denison as facilities. Total cost of the original church facilities was approximately $204,000. Ground breaking ceremonies were held in the early spring of 1969. Construction was delayed twice during the year. A wind storm on June 28, 1969 blew down several woodspans and damaged the first floor walls and sub flooring. Construction was also delayed during the winter of 1970 when fire damaged two of the laminated beams.  The reminder of the struggles of this construction time can still be seen today in smoke damaged and discolored beams in the sanctuary.  

The daughter congregation was of­ficially organized on May 24, 1970. Seventy one communicate members transferred from Zion as  Charter members of the new congregation at that meeting. The name "Our Savior" was also selected at that time.

Expanding the Spirit...

By the late 1980's  the church had grown and was in need of more seating for worship and space for office and teaching.  The 'Expanding the Spirit' vision was formed to expand the sanctuary, basement fellowship areas, and educational areas.  This leads us to our current footprint of the church building...but this is just part of the story and the result of what God was doing in His people.  

The church continued to grow as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit and the commitment to be a Christ-centered extended family.  This mission, this vision, this love for our community and one another is what propelled us into the church we are today...but God is not done with us. 

Where we are headed...

Much like the stories of our individual lives, we are not sure of the next chapters...be only know are thoughts and desires for the future.  Our desires and vision of the future are deep.

We desire to remain passionate about Jesus Christ and His mission for us.  This means that we care for the people in our church family and community with the love of Christ.  We desire to share the love of Christ with those who know Him, and those who have yet to come to know Him.  

Our dream is not to be a large church, but a passionate church.  We do not need to grow in number, but we will strive to continually grow people in their relationship with their Savior.  Sometimes this will be through people coming to know the God of love for the first time.  However, this also means that we, as a church, never stop striving to know our loving God in deeper and more intimate ways.  

As we seek to grow the church in their love of Christ, Children and Youth Ministry are key to this passion.  Therefore, they will always remain a major focus for us as the body of Christ.  

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Saturday evening at 5:30 pm and Sunday morning at 9:00 am as we gather to worship together.  
If you would like the feel of a small church, join us at our Bethlehem Campus in Dow City on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.